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5 Petal Flower

Berry Wine  - left to right
Small Wine Glass  ~ $12.00 + NYS sales tax
Large Wine Glass ~ $15.00 + NYS sales tax

2nd Row left to right
Irish Coffee ~ $11.00 + NYS sales tax
Large Coffee Mug ~ $15.00 + NYS sales tax
Votive holder ~ $8.00 + NYS sales tax
Champagne ~ $12.00 + NYS sales tax
(shown below)

(Plates Not shown at this time)
Small plate ~ $11.00 + NYS sales tax
Large plate ~ 12.50 + NYS sales tax
All designs can be painted onto the following size glassware listed
Not shown large square plate, small square plate
Deep Purple
Palm Trees
Wild Flower
Butterfly Collection
This collection looks amazing when done in
a variety of colors and put on the table.
Your company won't forget which glass is
theirs, they will know by the color

Colors Available:
Dark Purple (shown), Magenta (shown),
Turquoise (shown), Orange, Light Purple,
Rosebud Collection
Available in a large many colors
see above for color suggestions.
The Wedding Collection
Done in Gold and soft white, this is
a beautiful wedding gift.
Monogram can be added to back
of glass instead of duplicate floral
Snowman with Christmas tree
Vinyl Designs
Bridal Gown, Groom Tux
This gown can be done in may
colors for your wedding party.
$12.00 + sales tax as shown
Monogram on back $14.00+ NYS
sales tax
Name on base $15.00 + NYS sales
Breast Cancer Awareness Mug
$2.50 from each mug is donated to
West Islip Breast Cancer Coalition

We can do this in any color. If you
have a cause you would like made
into an angel let us know and we
will make a white angle with the
appropriate color ribbon.

Inspiration message on back:
Choose 1
Hope, Believe, Survivor, Warrior,
Fight, Faith
$15.00 + NYS sales tax
Adult Sippy Cup.
Many colors to choose from.
Contact us for in stock colors.
Available in Small wine (shown),
large wine, and we also have beer
pilsner and pint glasses in stock

Small wine:$12.00 + NYS sales tax
Large Wine:$15.00 + NYS sales tax
Beer Glass: $14.00 + NYS sales tax
Name on base $2.00 extra
Good Day, Bad Day, Don't Ask
Ever had one of those day? Here's your solution. A fun glass enjoyed by all.

Available in large and small sizes
Small Wine Glass: $12.00 + NYS sales tax
Large Wine Glass: $15.00 + NYS sales tax
With Name on base  : $2.00 extra
Glitter colors available: Magenta, Purple, Turquoise, Red, Green
Gloss Colors:
Black, White, Red, Hunter Green, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Dark Purple, Light
Purple, Navy Blue,Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, Maroon
Also available ~ Grab N Go's
The perfect gift for grab bags, office gift
exchange or any occasion where you need
to keep the cost low, but the quality high.

Cost: $15.00

Pick any mug, add biscotti and wrap in a
cello bag with coordinating ribbons. Not
shown as finished product because you
can't see it when it is photographed with the
To place an order please send an email to:
All orders must be received in writing
Flamingo Glasses
Don't want the summer to ever end,
here's the perfect solution.
Our new flamingo glass brings a smile
to everyone.
With 2 flamingos and two palm trees on
each glass
the tropics never feel to far away.

Small Wine Glass: $12.00 + NYS sales
Large Wine Glass: $15.00 + NYS sales
(large glass shown here)
The Perfect Pilsner
This glass is perfect for those beer
drinking buddies.
Your choice of name on the front and
initial on the back.

Price: $15.00 + Sales Tax
To place an order for any of our gifts, please send an email to
We are sorry, but no orders will be taken over the phone
Flip Flops are THIS Girls Glass slipper

These glasses are available in glass and
large size wine glass pool safe acrylic.
Small Wine Glass  ~ $12.00 + NYS sales tax
Large Wine Glass ~ $15.00 + NYS sales tax

Glitter Colors and Acrylic Glass $2.00 extra
Custom Designed Glassware
Large Glass $15.00