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Wedding Hangers

memories. These personalized hangers are a perfect way to add a special touch

This notched wooden hanger is made out of quality wood, and features easy
curves and notched, flat arms to provide strap support for any garment. It is sturdy
while being elegant. These personalized wedding hangers can be made for the
bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride or for any other member of the
wedding party. They will be sure to leave the recipient with memories of the
special day that will last a lifetime.

These hangers will take dress pictures to a completely new level and give them a
unique look.

With many colors options available, you can match almost any bridal party color
and theme.

The price of $10.00 include the hanger, 1 name, the date and the position of
honor in the bridal party.  If ordering 2-5 the cost is $9.00. 5-9 is $8.00 and 10 or
more is $7.00. (NYS sales tax will be applied when applicable.) Additional
information can be added to the back of the hanger for and additional fee and
will be calculated on case by cases basis.
Purple, Lilac, Burgandy, Turquoise,Hunter Green, Lime Green, Red,
Yellow, Navy Blue, Medium Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Brown, Black,
Glitter Colors ($2.00 More per hanger) Black, Gold, Silver, Blue, Red,
Green, Purple and Magenta
Thank you