Treasure's From The Heart Hand Crafted Gifts
aka Candy Wraps & More!
$18 - $20
Script or Print font
$18 - Red, Green, Black,
$20 - Red Glitter, Green Glitter
Holiday Sleigh Ride Pillow.
Looking for a vintage feel for your holiday decor?
This is the perfect pillow!
$35 + NYS sales tax
Vintage Inspired Wood Signs
Looking for a new way to display your
holiday cards and photos this season? Our
Merry Mail board is perfect!
36 inches tall
Another vintage inspired design.
For many children the prospect of no chimney
presents a great many questions.
What better way to explain how Santa will get
in, than with this
"Magic Key"
$22 +NYS sales tax
Let the holiday countdown
24 inches long, the black
board is the perfect way to
let your children know when
Santa is coming

$35+NYS sales tax
12 inches wide by 32" Inches tall.
The wreath is done in glitter greens with
glitter red dots.
$42 +NYS Sales tax
Nativity Planks
The top is done on pergo laminate and measures over 36" long $45.00
The bottom two are wood and 24 inches long by 5 inches tall - $38.00
Please specify color choices